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Let’s Talk Weather in English: Use Synonyms

talk weather using synonyms



Weather is usually a pretty boring topic, but we tend to talk about it when making small talk. Like when we greet someone we just met. Or when there is awkward silence and we need a topic starter.



“It’s been pretty hot and humid lately, eh?”

“Yes, I’ve missed drier and cooler days.”


How Was the Weather that Day?


You might wonder why we need to use synonyms when talking anything—of all things, weather. Well, we all have strong opinions and feelings when it comes to weather. I like snow. Some people like rain. When I recall a good time or a sad time, I also think back on what the weather was like that day. For example, I remember that it was a really hot, sweltering day when I had my SATs in high school. I was all nerves but was happy that I managed to find the testing centre on my own.



Emphasize Your Feeling, Opinion and Preference


Using words with similar meanings or synonyms in the same sentence can help us emphasize and stress a point. And when talking about a “boring” topic such as weather, it makes sense to want to make it a bit more interesting by using words that convey strong preference, opinion or feeling. One word cannot do, so two or three words together help to give your description the “UMPH” it needs.



I like rainy weather.

I love a light rain and drizzle in the summer.


Go Double with Your Adjectives


So, what sort of words with similar meanings can be used together to describe weather in English?



“Hot’ Words

– hot and scorching

– humid and sweltering

– sultry and tropical


“Cold” Words

– cold and freezing

– frigid and frosty

– wintry and snowy


“Mild” Words

– warm and temperate

– cool and breezy

– mild and comfortable


“Extreme” Words

– dry and arid

– extreme and inclement

– stormy and unpredictable



We talk about weather just like we would talk about what we had for dinner. It is a part of our everyday lives. Sometimes, if you are like me, you might think back to the day you graduated university and recall what the weather was like that day. It is good to use appropriate words that describe what the weather feels like. Using synonyms, often adjectives, side-by-side allows us to describe exactly how the day (weather) feels like.



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