ESL and "Cause", "Effect" Transition

Let’s Talk Responsibility in English: Use “Cause-Effect” Transition Words

cat and responsibilities in English
What are MY responsibilities?





It can be unnerving but also rewarding when you realize that you are responsible for something. I felt a sense of pride when I became assistant manager and oversaw service staff a the cafe I worked at. But at the same time, I would be the one who has to answer to the cafe owner whenever customers complained about slow service. And I would also be the one the waiting staff came to for emergency shift changes and personal grievances.




Use “Cause-Effect” Transition Words to Explain Being Responsible or Not Responsible for Something



At times, I feel responsible. I would like to explain why I feel responsible and what I feel responsible for. Other times, I don’t think I should have to bear the brunt of it all. And I want to explain why I shouldn’t be expected to do something. The best way to do this is to use “cause” words or “effect” words to join your two sentences that explain why you feel (do not feel) responsible and what you feel (do not feel) responsible for.





When you’ve already used a “cause” word such as “because”, you do not need to use an “effect” word such as “so” in the same sentence. The cause-effect relationship is already established with the use of either words.

You also don’t have to follow the “cause-effect” order. You can say why first. Or you can choose to explain the result first.




Because I was assistant manager, it is my job to keep on top of everything at the cafe on a daily basis.

It is not my place to make business decisions, as I am not the cafe owner.

It is just a job, so I am only responsible for what I am being paid to do.



“Cause” Words/Phrases

– For the reason that

– Seeing as that

– In that


“Effect” Words/Phrases

– As a result

– Therefore

– Going forward



Responsibility is the theme of a news article on CNN that talked about the overwhelming poop problem on Everest. Climbers seek out the challenging summit and test out their physical and mental limits. But they are also responsible for mounting heaps of human waste being left behind on the world’s highest mountain. One such climber feels that he needs to do something about this and built a biogas plant to turn waste into energy. So, feeling responsible for something can motivate you to take action and also provides a sense of pride. But responsibility can also make you feel guilty and burdened. Try using “cause” or “effect” transition words to explain why you feel responsible and what that responsibility means to you.

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