ESL and "Let me clarify" Phrases

Let’s Talk Blockchain Technology: Use “Let me clarify” Phrases

talk about blockchain in English
Have you heard of blockchain?




Have you heard of blockchain? You might think of bitcoin or digital currency. Well, blockchain is how bitcoin is traded and transferred. It’s a bit like Alipay or Paypal. But the difference is that blockchain is not a third-party payment company. There is no middle person. Transaction of bitcoin is done and recorded directly between the buyer and seller. When explaining complex topics such as blockchain, it is helpful to use “let me clarify” phrases to further break down and add comments as you go along. “Let me clarify” phrases allow you to go back and explain something over. You are essentially allowed to correct yourself if mistakes are made, or add something new to what you’ve already said.



Use “Let me clarify” phrases to Explain Things Better



So what is blockchain technology? Well, the word “blockchain” is a bit self-descriptive. It is a technology that is based on blocks of information that are recorded, linked, and shared. Imagine telephone poles that carry phone signals from one house to the next. Then, imagine packages of digital information transferring between computers when emails are sent. While telephone lines need to be connected from one house to another for the communication to take place, emailing between computers do not need lines or clearly defined paths. Blockchain technology is a bit like emailing. You don’t need people to maintain telephone lines or anyone to oversee a network or system. Everything is done between transacting parties directly and it is instantaneous.



To explain a complex topic such as blockchain, use “let me clarify” phrases to help you do the following:

  • Add on an important detail;
  • Correct an idea;
  • Explain something further.







Blockchain is like a huge spreadsheet that anyone can access. Let me clarify, it is a spreadsheet that anyone who has a private digital key can access.

You can access the blockchain and make changes to the database or spreadsheet. Actually, what I meant to say is that you can add information to your “block” on the database or spreadsheet.

Changes cannot be made to the blockchain. To be clearer, I mean that only new “blocks” of information are added to the spreadsheet. Then the information is locked away and stored.


Other “Let me clarify” Phrases

– What I mean is

– In other words

– Let me be clearer



Blockchain is a new technology that has become more popular and well-known due to the rising popularity of bitcoins. Blockchain is how bitcoins are traded and transferred. But blockchain is also much more than just trading bitcoins. It can change the way we do business, handle transactions, make and honor contracts. Because blockchain is such a complicated topic, it is helpful to use “let me clarify” phrases to make sure you can clearly explain and add to the information as you go along.

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