HG Advantage

hone strengths tackle weaknessEveryone learns at a different pace and has different strengths/weaknesses. Smaller classes ensure that your learning objectives and needs get addressed appropriately and efficiently.


result oriented learning
Our instructors hold university and graduate school degrees. The ESL instructor has experience developing online course material at EF Education First and holds a graduate certificate in technical communication from Seneca. At HG, we take the most direct approach to teaching, weeding out unnecessary information and getting right to the core of mastering a skill or subject. Our lessons are designed to help you gain the skills you are after.


tailored lessons applicable skillsAll lessons at HG are specifically tailored to have you readily apply what you learned, be it in the real-world, on language tests or in another classroom. Through our schooling (elementary to university), those skills that we learned and which stayed with us have always been the ones that were repeatedly used and practiced. At HG, we always stay practical.