Agreement Terms

1. Lesson fees will not be refunded.

2. Total number of lessons (on-site and online via Skype) must be completed within the slotted validity period. This assures best learning results.

3. In principle, lessons that are scheduled are to be taken at the date and time agreed upon. You can reschedule up to 2 lessons (available for programs with a total of 8 lessons or more). Rescheduled lessons can be taken on-site or online via Skype.

4. Lessons are only offered on-site during regular business hours on Mondays and Wednesdays at this time, due to space and scheduling constraints.

5. Lessons are not available on-site during statutory holidays at this time, due to space and scheduling constraints. Where regularly scheduled lessons fall on a statutory holiday (e.g., Monday is a holiday), then we can reschedule for a later date on-site or a lesson online via Skype.

6. Discount is available for those who advise at the last class of their program that they wish to continue or sign up for a different program offered at HG. Fees for the next program will need to be paid in full or an agreed deposit will need to be paid at the time for the discount to be applied.

7. The above terms can change in the future. Should this be the case, notification regarding new terms will be sent by email.